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Soap Lift® Soap Rests
  • Soap Lift® Soap Rests


    Bigheart Soap is proud to offer you a wonderful new soap saver option, Soap Lift®!  Made from bioplastic and are recyclable, these remarkable products allow water to drain and air to circulate.


    Keep your bar of soap high and dry alone on a countertop, or use in your existing soap dish to improve drainage! The traditional oval Soap Lift® is perfect for bars of soap, while the Soap Lift® rounds are great for shampoo bottles and other accessories to help keep moisture away and keep shower edges clean.


    And just for fun, try a Soap Lift® shape! There are several colorful otions to choose from, Gray Whale, Yellow Duck, Sage Turtle, Seaside Mermaid and Bone Dog Bone!

    Pick your favorite!


    These products are proudly made in the USA. Made from bioplastic and are recyclable.  BPA and phthalate free.


    Original Soap Lift measures approx. 2.75″ x 4.25″.


    To clean, simply run Soap Lift® under water, give it a few squeezes and rinse clean. You can even toss your Soap Lift® in the dishwasher!

    don't forget...

      A soap dish greatly improves the lifespan of your new bar of soap. Add a pair to your cart today!

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