Wild Elderberry and Goldenrod are two beautiful fall favorites and I brought them together into this amazing NEW fall bar! Only here for a limited time so get yours today!


to Bigheart Soap!

Bigheart Soap Company strives to bring you the highest quality soap and body products that can be used on even the most sensitive of skin

A proper soap dish is so important in making sure that your new bar of soap lasts as long as possible! Our Poplar Wood Soap Dishes have raised ridges to channel water away from the bar while also reducing the chances of your soap sticking to the dish. Add one to your order today!

I like to thank each and every one of my customers by sending a FREE GIFT with every purchase! You never know. . . it MIGHT just be your new favorite scent!

"This is the best soap I have ever used for cleaning my hands when they are unusually dirty, like they can get after gardening. Not only do they get the dirt off easily, they don't leave my hands feeling tight and dry. An excellent product!!!"

Brenda, OK

Orange Scrub Rounds

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Megan, OK

I'm in love with my order! I got 3 bath bombs and a bar of soap that smelled *exactly* like fresh cut roses. Not only is the scent spot on, they're almost too pretty to use. I also got 3 lavender bath bombs that smell so sweet, my daughter has already tried to claim them for herself. Not only that, I received my order quickly and with a handwritten thank you note, plus 2 small samples of other soaps. I will definitely be ordering from BigHeart Soap Company again.

Jann, OK

I first bought the soap as a gift for my grandmother. Once I received the soap, I took it around to my friends and family to let them see and smell it. The soap was top notch and I can't wait to try some more!"

Lauren, TX

Y’all!! So I got my soaps in today...let me tell you, the smells coming outta that bag is good enough to eat y’all... I love my soaps!!


Email: liz@bigheartsoap.com

Skiatook, Oklahoma, Osage County




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